When I order my site, how long will it take to get delivered to me?

Your website will be ready to start earning within 24-48

Can you give me an example of how I make money from a Dropshipping website?
EG. You sell an item on this site for $25. You enter the customers details in your wholesale account (a regular customer account) and pay the cost of the item eg $5, then the wholesaler sends the item direct to your customer with free shipping and tracking provided. $20 profit. Packaging is sent direct to your customer contains no invoice, logo or pricing details.
Margins vary from site to site, we have some high profit margin sites which will net you over $100 per sale…but these tend to be lower sales volume sites…
How do you process orders on the dropshipping sites?
 All dropshipping links are provided for each product with the biggest dropshipping wholesaler worldwide, you are directed to the purchase page for each product you sell on your new site. 
How long does it take for items to arrive once a customer’s order has been processed?
 This has been trialed for some 12 months across several platforms and items arrive in the US, Europe and Australia around 10 days, sometimes just 5days, although the supplier specify much longer delivery times to cover themselves against complaints. Because tracking is provided you can provide this to your customer and put them at ease….so there are no significant issues if their package is late. 
How much Work is required to run the site?
 The only work on your side is to place the orders….about 30seconds per sale. If you do 10 sales per day that’s typically $100-200 profit for 5 minutes work. We have experimented with automated ordering plugins in the past and these have caused enormous problems with botched orders and incorrect details. It is still a simple process….. you enter your customer details, the supplier sends the item direct to your customer. You make most of the profit! 
Can you make changes to the sites or add and remove products?
Your site is stocked with the best selling products by wholesale data so there is no need to add more. Best to concentrate on marketing your site to generate traffic and sales before you think about making any changes.
That said, you can add new products manually by duplicating an existing product in wordpress and changing the photo and description then you can save the link to your supplier doc – the word doc with the supplier links on it.
This is also an awesome chrome plugin for copying photos and product descriptions from the supplier
This is how to duplicate products and then you can change your photo and description from there..
You can also delete products in wordpress if you don’t want to sell them anymore..
You can also use suppliers on fiverr.com to make cosmetic changes to your new site some providing multiple changes starting at $5. We do stress not to get caught up with how beautiful your site is. A simple layout works best and your time is best spent marketing to drive traffic and sales rather than anything else..we don’t even recommend adding or removing products…
How do you deal with Customer Service issues and refunds?
 Any rare issues… the wholesaler refunds you quickly without having to return the item because they don’t want the headache of receiving returns ect for relatively low value items. This enables you to give a full or partial refund to your customer through PayPal without them having returns either. The reputation of the wholesaler is exposed and they are willing to do anything to maintain their feedback rating. That said, customer service issues are rare. 
How do I get my site generating traffic and sales?
We provide a social media marketing plan to help you get enough targeted traffic to convert to sales..you are targeting impulse customers and purchases so it is an easy sell once customers arrive to your site…The Facebook Marketing strategy allows you join 6,000 FB groups without using your own personal Facebook account…this is a good start. You can also use Instagram Shoutouts, Pinterest, Snapchat, YouTube, Email, Classified Ads and more..
We don’t do the marketing for you but you can outsource all of your marketing activities to suppliers on fiverr.com, they come and go but there are some excellent marketers on there…be sure to check their reputation and feedback..
What platform is the site built on?
Sites are built in WordPress using the Virtue Theme and Woocommerce….optimized for mobile devices. This is the best possible platform for ecommerce and as mentioned you will have no ongoing expenses…